Cost of I-55 & Crump Hazmat Spill Will Be Big

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(Memphis) The driver of an 18 Wheeler that tipped over on Interstate 55 northbound at Crump was cited for failure to maintain control by MPD Wednesday.

The truck leaked Cobalt Nitrate and shut down the highway for 12 hours.

The trucking company, Rust and Sons Trucking Incorporated out of California will have to pick up the clean up bill estimated to be tens of thousands of dollars.

"We make sure that the incident is stabilized, that's our role and then we have a cleaning company to come in and clean up the debris. We make sure that is done right," said Memphis Fire Director Alvin Benson.

Prewitt Enterprises was called in to clean up the spill.

"The company that causes the accident those are the persons responsible, so those would be the persons that get the bill," said Benson.

News Channel Three looked into Rust and Sons Trucking Incorporated's driving record. The US Department of Transportation gave the company a satisfactory carrier safety rating, which is the highest rating.

Nearby businesses felt the impact of the I-55 shutdown.

"It was really slow. I was not expecting it to be this slow this morning. I was ready for a huge crowd but nothing happened, said Manager of BP on Riverside Drive Kiran Bhagat.