Gun Found In Memphis Airport Screening Area

(Memphis) A passenger at Memphis International Airport was stopped at a TSA security checkpoint Thursday morning after a .38 revolver was found in a carry-on bag.

TSA Federal Security Director Kevin McCarthy said this is the 9th gun found in a carry-on at Memphis International in 2013.

Nine guns total were found in all of 2012.

"People are not aware of what they have in their bags. The most common excuse we hear is I forgot about it or I didn't pack my bag, but that's not good enough," said McCarthy.

Thursday's passenger received a misdemeanor citation.

He could've been arrested but was not.

But that's not the only trouble passengers who have guns face.

"TSA can fine you civilly up to $7500 and with all this going on, you're probably going to miss your flight," said McCarthy.

It's not clear why more and more guns are being found in carry-ons.

"I think enough information has been put out there that people should be aware and knowledgable," said passenger Dale Eads.

"Across the country, over 1500 [guns found]last year. The numbers keep going up. In Atlanta alone they had 100 firearms. [We find] about 4 or 5 a day across the country,"said McCarthy.

8 out of 9 guns found at Memphis International this year were loaded. The gun found this morning was not loaded.

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