Memphis Teacher Union Questions Job Fair

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(Memphis) Almost one hundred and seventy teachers in Memphis have a target on their back.

Many of the 'excess teachers' have been told they won’t have a job next year.

Yet, the school district is holding a job fair to hire new teachers.

"I've been at my present location for 13 years and I feel like I've started to become complacent which is the worst thing a teacher can do," said Tammy Dennis.

Dennis is a first grade teacher at Crump Elementary, and hopes to get a job today at another school. Specially an I Zone school which are the lowest performing schools in the state.

"Somebody's got to do it. I know I'm a good teacher and if anybody can do the job I know I can. But these children deserve that," said Dennis.

Principals are hiring the highest performing teachers.

Memphis Education Association President Keith Williams says opening the fair to people outside Memphis is unfair.

"They have further gone about this in a way that impugns teachers who have given years of service to the district and to the children here and have given years of quality service," said Williams.

That includes the nearly 170 teachers on the chopping block because of falling enrollment numbers. Some but not all of them are being considered for these I Zone jobs. Williams says it's a double standard.

"How would you qualify the external teachers who have no levels. They have no areas of experiences, no success, no TVAS. They’re being invited, and we don’t know what they can or cannot do," said Williams.

The school district says 1000 people will be hired for jobs next school year when schools merge.

The excess teachers can apply, but there is no guarantee they will get their jobs back.