Arlington and Lakeland Could Join Forces for Schools and Fire

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(Lakeland, TN) 'Together we are stronger than we are alone.'

It's an old saying, but for Shelby County suburbs Arlington and Lakeland, it’s a reality.

“I think they need each other. They really do. You know, Collierville, Germantown, and Bartlett, all of them have the resources because of the number of people they have, and the income levels those cities have,” said Shelby County Commissioner Wyatt Bunker.

Bunker says Arlington and Lakeland would likely be individual school districts, but are in talks to share a superintendent and custodial and transportation services to save money.

They may even consider including Millington in the mix.

Schools are not the only area in which Lakeland and Arlington are looking to work together.

Arlington Mayor Mike Wissman says his city is in serious talks to take over fire services for Lakeland.

He says it would save Lakeland tax payers almost a million dollars.

Wissman says this could happen within the year.

Right now a committee is planning for a utility district that would create one fire department for Lakeland, Arlington and Millington.

“As Memphis annexes areas that are highly dense areas they take a lot of the fire fees and makes us increase the fire fee for the other parts of the county,” said Bunker.

Bunker says this is an effort to bring down those fees for tax payers.