We Test Product Which Claims To Fix Faded Bumpers

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Shannah Powell is looking for a way to bring back the shine on the faded side panels on her SUV.

The oxidation from years of exposure to the Mid-South sun has turned them from a dark charcoal color to chalky white.

We are going to try "Wipe New," a product that claims it can restore the shine with a simple wipe.

Shannah applies the "Wipe New" to her side panel, and while it does make it darker, it is nowhere near as dark it was before the oxidation.

We applied a second coat, but it didn't make much of a difference.

We tried "Wipe New" on Shannah's oxidized headlights, and it did make a big difference.

"Wipe New" removed the oxidation, and significantly improved the clarity of the headlights.

"Wipe New" will improve the appearance of your faded bumpers, dash boards and side panels, so it might be useful for a mild to moderate case of fading and oxidation, but not in Shannah's case.

While it did fix the headlight problem, "Wipe New" was unable to restore Shannah's faded side panels to like new condition, and that's why it FAILS our "Does it Work?" test.