Search Crews Wade through River and Woods for Missing MS Teen

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(Lafayette County, MS ) When the town of Taylor heard one of their own was missing, a large group of volunteers joined law enforcement to search for Stephen Tyler Emerick,19, Wednesday. Emerick’s father, Ralph Carr, said the terrain off Highway 328 wasn't easy to cover.

"It was very heavily wooded lots of snakes pretty rough,” he said. While some search crews hit land, others waded through the river hoping for clues.

Emerick, who goes by Tyler, hasn't been seen since he left work Monday night after complaining he wasn’t feeling well.

Surveillance video captured him later that night at two different Wal-Mart; one in Pontotoc another in Oxford.

Then Wednesday morning his truck was found by the river off Highway 328 just outside of Taylor.

Investigators said a family friend, who is also an off duty police officer, found the truck.

“He knew he liked to fish out here and came out here this morning and found his truck,” Investigator Jarret Bundren said.

When he found the truck the door was open, the key was in the ignition, and Tyler’s cell phone and wallet were inside.

“It was like he had gone fishing, like he was listening to the radio fishing on the side of the river,” Carr said.

Tyler's parents say it is out of character for him not to come home after work.

"It scares me because he's not like that he’s not like that," Tyler’s mom Stephanie Clark said.

“This is not like him at all he always stays in touch with somebody in the family,” his father said.

As investigators wrapped up their search for the night the family said they aren’t giving up hope.

"He is a good person soft-hearted do anything for anyone and I just want him to come home,” Clark said.

Investigators said they ruled out foul play after the crime lab scoured his truck. Thursday morning diving teams are heading to the river to join the search. The search begins at 8 am.