Property Taxes May Rise In Germantown

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(Germantown) Those of you who live in Germantown may be seeing your property taxes go up but you'll have the opportunity to speak your mind about it in the coming weeks.

“We need money in the general fund across the board,” said Germantown City Administrator Patrick Lawton.

The City says it needs to make-up for what's lost. Germantown says its seen a drop in property tax revenue because home values have decreased.

Germantown also hasn't significantly raised property taxes since 2003.

Lawton says it’s just time,  “It’s a 44.5 cent tax increase."

“I own a $200,000 house so that`s going to cost me... what?” asked Resident Dan Sampietro.

Well, if the proposed tax hike is approved, It’ll cost Sampietro about $200 more when he gets his tax bill in November.

“What does a couple hundred dollars mean to you?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“A lot!” said Resident Henry Waddell.

For those living on a fixed-income, like 82-year-old Waddell, it's not pocket change.

“I am no longer employed so I have to watch every penny I have,” he said.

The City says the money will be used for all those things that make Germantown a nice place to live: police, fire, public works and will last for at least the next five years.

“So we don`t have to go back and revisit this any time soon,” said Lawton.

Sampeitro says he can deal with paying more in taxes because he loves calling Germantown home, “I enjoy the things Germantown offers me so I am willing to pay.”

“I am not going to protest if they are going to take it out,” said Waddell.

If you want to protest the plan, the proposed tax hike has to pass three readings by the City alderman and the public is always invited to come and share their opinion.

The first reading at Germantown City Hall will be May 13 at 6 p.m.