“Gang Member” Charged with 14 Counts of Attempted Murder

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(Memphis) A Memphis man behind bars charged with more than a dozen Attempted First Degree Murder charges.

Police say 18-year-old Donya Davis fired into a group of people in southeast Memphis hitting one of them last week, but the shooting shows it’s a part of a much bigger problem.

Police say it appears to be gang activity.

People that live in the neighborhood say they see a lot of it.

News Channel 3 even saw one guy flashing hand signs, but now that an apparent gang member is behind bars, people here are breathing a sigh of relief.

The community is in a constant state of worry, after neighbors say the latest gang-related shooting put a woman in the hospital.

“An innocent girl got shot,” said one neighbor anonymously. “She could have been killed. I heard she was in critical condition. I`m glad they [captured] him.”

It took them a week, but Memphis Police say 18-year-old Donya Davis, is the trigger man.

He's facing 14 counts of Attempted First Degree Murder for driving up and shooting into a crowd near Wingate and Chuck.

Police say he was throwing gang signs and was only able to get one shot off after his gun jammed.

“I heard there were a lot of kids running around here so you never know who else could have gotten shot around here,” said the neighbor.

This man, like many in this neighborhood, fears the violence and gang activity.

With the arrest of gang members, hope grows for neighbors that the violence will end.

“I hope someone can fix this or things can change,” he said. “I hope people can come together on things.”