Janis Fullilove Not Guilty of Domestic Violence

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(Memphis) A judge ruled Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove not guilty of domestic violence Tuesday afternoon.

Fullilove was charged with assaulting her husband last August.

In a bench trial, which lasted only 30 minutes Tuesday afternoon,  a Shelby County judged said Fullilove was not guilty of domestic violence.

Fullilove’s two attorneys say this was the quickest ‘not guilty’ verdict they've ever won.

The prosecutor barely finished her closing statement, not even two seconds passed, before the judge found Fullilove ‘not guilty."

With a kiss and hug, Fullilove thanked her attorneys for getting a judge to say those two words she wanted to hear.

“Justice prevailed,” she said.

“Alright, I find her not guilty,” said the judge.

Fullilove was accused of being drunk and throwing dishes around her house in August of 2012, injuring her husband Vernon Chalmers in the process.

At the time, police say sugar, hot sauce, medicine and dish fragments were found all over her house and her husband's arm was bleeding.

Fullilove says she never meant to hurt him, “I am not going to throw any more dishes. That I will never do, because I had to go buy a whole new set.”

Since the incident, the court ordered Fullilove and her husband to have no contact with each other.

The two have been living separately the last 8 months, something Chalmers told News Channel 3 has been hard on him.

“He said it`s been a long hard 8 months without you,” said Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Did he say that? Isn't that sweet!” said Fullilove.  “I guess my puppy can stop sleeping with me now.”

Since the case is closed, Fullilove and Chalmers can live freely together again, if they wish, but for now she says she has other pressing matters.

Thank you very much,” Fullilove told reporters.  “I have to go to City Hall.”

Her husband was also facing domestic assault charges but prosecutors dropped their case against him Monday.

He and Fullilove took 8 weeks of anger management classes and counseling.

Prosecutors wanted Fullilove to also go to rehab for alcohol abuse but she refused.