Good Samaritan Turns Bad

(Memphis) A Memphis woman, Irene Rainey, is behind bars after police said she fabricated a story about being involved in a car accident.

According to the affidavit, on April 19th Rainey acted as a Good Samaritan offering to help when she saw an accident in South Memphis at Steve and Prescott.

But Rita Miller, who was in the accident, said Rainey soon changed her story.

“She gets in the ambulance and I am thinking she is going to ride with me because she said that she is going to stay there with me. I’m thinking she is about to ride to the hospital with me. All of a sudden, she starts telling the medic that her back is hurting, her neck is hurting, she has pain in her legs,” said Miller.

Miller said she tried to tell the EMTs Rainey was not involved in the accident, but they still took Rainey to the hospital.

Miller said Rainey even admitted to her that she fabricated the story.

“She told me her name. She said I didn’t mean any harm. I’ve got seven kids and I just saw an opportunity,” said Miller.

Miller later reported Rainey to police when she realized several items were missing from her car.

The affidavit said Rainey told police at first she was in a car in the accident and then changed her story to say she was a pedestrian struck during the accident.

Miller wants everyone to be cautious about scam artist trying to take advantage when you’re in a vulnerable position, “You hope that they mean what they say. But she was just there to take advantage of me, she was just a predator."

Rainey is charged with False Reporting and has a $15,000 bond.

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