Overnight Fire Displaces 11; Injures Firefighters

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(Shelby County, TN) Eleven people in north Shelby County are now homeless after a fire ripped through two homes in the 4600 block of Waterfront Monday morning.

Shelby County Fire spokesperson Brent Perkins said that there were nine 911 calls about the fire Monday just after 2 in the morning.

There was no one in the first house where the fire originated.

The home was destroyed.

After several hours, the homeowner who said five people, two adults and three children lived in that house.

The fire quickly spread to a home next door where Cory Ragland’s four children ages 12-17 were inside sleeping.

“One of them saw the fire outside and they woke up everybody else in the house and then they came to their uncle’s house next door,” said Ragland.

The uncle, Brain Rowe said once he woke up, he began to try and save neighbors, “I came out and started beating on all the doors trying to wake people up and making sure that everyone was okay."

None of the residents were injured in the fire.

Two firefighters were injured by a back draft while trying to enter Ragland’s home.

“We thought that they had flash burns. As the fire came rapidly through that door and blossomed on them and the pressure wave kind of pushed them off of the porch a little bit.  We thought they had flash burns and what not, but their protective equipment kept them from getting burned,” said Perkins.

The firemen were treated on scene and are expected to be okay.

A family dog died in the fire.

Perkins said the homes in the neighborhood are extremely close making it very easy for the fire to spread quickly, “You know 20 feet, 25 feet may seem like a lot but when there is a fire when the house is well involved, you have fire blowing through the roof and out three sides  25 feet is simply just not a lot."

Fire investigators are working to determine what caused the flames.