Dutschke Arrest Seems Solid

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(Oxford, MS) Everett Dutschke made an ever-so-brief appearance in U.S. District Court in Oxford, where a judge re-set his appearance for Thursday morning.

That gives investigators more time to solidify their case against him.

That’s in stark contrast to the arrest of entertainer Kevin Curtis whose arrest seemed “rushed”.

”We’re elated that an arrest has been made. I spoke with Kevin this morning and he’s trying to get some rest,” said Curtis' attorney Hal Neilson.

Now the pressure is on Dutschke, a former rival of Curtis’ who Neilson believes was more likely to send ricin-tainted letters to President Obama, Senator Roger Wicker, and a local Justice Court Judge, and pin it on Curtis.

It’s reasonable to expect this arrest has a little more evidence behind it than the arrest of Kevin Curtis a little over a week ago.

It was obvious in court last week, the judge was a little disappointed in the lack of evidence against Curtis.

The fact that the FBI took days to investigate Dutschke before arresting him seems to point to a stronger case.

Neilson, and co-counsel Christi McCoy saw the same thing in the judge, ”And yes, I think she was seeing the exact same thing Christi and I were seeing this last week. The evidence simply was not there."

McCoy is laying low these days because of implied threats Dutschke reportedly made against her.

Meantime, Neilson, a former FBI agent, seems to be much more comfort with Dutschke’s arrest than there was in the case of Curtis ”I feel very confident they’ve got the right person. Certianly after you’re arrested the wrong person you go back and make sure your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed and that this is absolutely the right person."