8-Year-Old Killed By Intruder

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(Calaveras County, Calif.) A manhunt is underway in California for the man who stabbed to death 8-year-old-girl Leila Fowler.

The shocking crime happened in Calaveras County, which is a rural area of North California about 70 miles outside of Sacramento.

Police said the little girl and her brother were home alone when a man broke into the house. Investigators said the man stabbed Leila to death.

The 12-year-old brother reportedly said he found his sister as the intruder who stabbed her to death was leaving his house.

Police said the boy is not a suspect “at this time, but we are continuing to talk to him.”

Cpt. Jim Macedo said investigators collected fingerprints and what they believe to be DNA at the scene.

The station reports two other witnesses gave the same description as the victim’s brother, describing the suspect as wearing blue jeans and a dark shirt.

Extra deputies were assigned to post up at schools and bus stops until the killer is found.