Fayette County Families Clean Up Sunday After Powerful Storm

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(Fayette County, TN) Sunday, families, friends, even strangers spent the day cleaning up and looking over damage after a powerful storm touched down in Fayette County.

Piles of rubble used to stand in neighborhoods at Old Fifty-Nine Dr. and Belmont Rd.

That is until a storm swept through Saturday night, so strong it shook John White’s house and woke him up.

“I heard it raining and thundering and all at once I heard a roaring like wind sound,” said White.

“He normally has in his hearing aids. For him to have heard anything is amazing,” said White’s daughter, Virginia White.

White and his wife crouched low in their hallway.

He lied on top of her as a human shield.

“We felt air running through the house. I thought the entire top of the house was gone,” said White.

Windows were smashed, but the storm virtually skipped over the house. Metal in the family’s driveway used to be behind the house

“I just praise the Lord and thank God,” said White.

White grew up on this land. He moved back to Fayette County, bought it and raised his family here.

The 68-year-old is taken aback by how much damage was done in just seconds. In his neighbor’s yard is an uprooted pecan tree.

“Momma said it came up the day I was born,” said White.

But the tree his family collected nuts under for generations snapped.

So did every tree he planted around his home, many are twisted in metal.

About a half mile away, dozens came Sunday to help Billy and Mary Funk clean up their animal rescue, K-9 Savior Animal Rescue.

“We had 128 dogs, 3 cats, 3 horses,” said Billy Funk.

A black kitten and beagle puppy were killed when the storm moved through.

Crazy winds, hail and rain wiped out a barn.

“The trees came down, crushed the pens and dogs started escaping. Some of the houses were turned upside down and the dogs were trapped inside the houses,” said Funk.

The freed animals were “bewildered, running around, wet, muddy,” said Funk.

It was too much for the 71-year-old and his wife to handle.

Thankfully people they didn’t even know showed up with kennels and helping hands

“It’s a blessing, so many people really care about animals,” said Funk.

“I’m more than blessed. I have a miracle-working God,” said White.