Dog Forces Way Into Neighbor’s Home

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(Horn Lake, MS)  A family is trying to figure out how a dog which attacked and killed their dog is back with its owner.

Lisa Lockett feels her tiny dachshunds are being hunted by her neighbors pit bull.

"My husband and I were sitting here watching TV and he just busted in. We had a two-year old grand baby, scared her to death", said Lockett.

She said the dog head butts their fence and digs holes under it to squeeze through and into their backyard.

He enters the home through a doggie store for her dachshunds and that's when things get ugly. She said the dog urinated all over her walls and furniture, marking its territory.

She had couch cushions shredded, and mud from the yard tracked through the house. Her furniture was overturned, and one of her dogs, killed.

"He killed my dog and then brought it back to his yard", said Lockett.

Police were called and animal control removed the dog as customary, but suddenly

weeks later the dog returned, and she can't get a clear answer as to why.

News Channel 3 contacted Horn Lake animal control and were told they didn't know

how the dog got back, and that the director of the facility was out all week.

We were told someone would return our call, but never received word.

Meanwhile Lockett and her family say they are living in fear, worried the pit bull will come back for another dog, and once again destroy their home.