Arrest Made In Mob Style Robbery At Tom Lee Park

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(Memphis) Memphis police have made an arrest in one of three violent robberies last weekend at a popular downtown park.

Police say 20-year-old Nicholas Wooten and several others attacked a 17-year-old last Saturday night at Tom Lee Park.

The young victim's mother says they took an iPhone 5, some cash and even his pants.

It was that iPhone that put Wooten behind bars.

The young victim's mother hope it leads to more arrests.

"Hopefully, he won't want to take this felony blame himself," said Natasha Duncan.

Investigators were able to track down the stolen iPhone to a house on Finely in Whitehaven and when they searched the home found the phone in Wooten's bedroom.

Wooten told them he bought the phone on the streets, but police say cell phone records show Wooten made a call to his sister on the phone two hours after the robbery.

Duncan says Wooten also left his Facebook page open on the her son's cell phone with some incriminating evidence.

"He put on Facebook that he needed a charger for an iPhone 5," said Duncan.

Police say last weekend there were three mob-style robberies at Tom Lee Park.

Duncan is grateful her son only had a dislocated shoulder, but is making a plea to the public to stop this type of crime.

"The individuals that did this to my son they were saying as they were stomping on him gsm. I want to know as a mother--  this is a cry out to the community.. will they help me put a stop to the goon squad mafia," said Duncan.

Duncan says you shouldn't be afraid to go downtown or terrified when you see a group of people.

Police also arrested 19-year-old Marcellos Anderson for a mob-style robbery at Tom Lee Park back in March.