Tips For Friends and Family of Abuse Victims

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(Memphis) Friends and family of Heath Palumbo Jones have reported knowing their friend was in an abusive relationship.

Heather was in the middle of a divorce when her husband, Chris, admitted to killing her.

According to Gwen Turner from the Shelby County Family Safety Center there isn’t much friends and family members looking from the outside in can do.

“Listen with all of your ears, because a lot of time they are trying to tell you things and they will not come out and directly say it,” said Turner.  “Until a victim is ready to come out there really isn’t much you can do.”

Turner was in an abusive relationship for 20 years.

She said having friends and family can play a key role when it comes to helping the victim get out of the relationship safely, “Even as a friend if you’re the one who keeps the resource information because if an abuser finds resource information or a safety plan on the victim then that’s not going to be good."

For information on how to help your loved one that is in an abusive relationship you can go to