Family Rescued From Burning Home

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(Memphis)  A pregnant mother of three needs a new home after flames ripped through her house Thursday morning.

The woman's neighbors came to their rescue, saving the children trapped inside.

The three children were rushed to Le Bonheur suffering from smoke inhalation.

“Everything is gone,” said Martin Veasy, the father, who got word that his house was on fire while he was in school.

The father was overwhelmed by grief when he saw what was left of his home but he was grateful that his wife and three children are alive.

“No one is hurt,” said Veasy.  “They took in some smoke. My wife hurt her arm trying to bust the window trying to get out .”

“And when she got out, that's when my brother, he has burn marks on his arm, from running in there,” said Neighbor Banderas Walker.

“They said a baby is still in there so I went to the back door,” said Michael Ellis.  “I was hit with some fiber glass and some flames.”

Ellis is one of four men who rushed into the burning home on Medley Lane to save the children.

“He was stuck in the window.  When he was trying to climb out, I pulled him out,” said Walker.  “And when I pulled him out, she was crying like ‘my baby is dead, my baby is dead’.  And I was telling her I had her baby in my hands and she was grateful and she's pregnant that's a lot of stress.”

A two, three and five-year old are alive thanks to heroes on their street.

“My uncle ran into her house when she was on the couch sleeping and got her kids out of there,” said Neighbor Markeshia Baskerville.

Veasy is now coming to grips with what is lost.

“Worst day of my life,” said Veasy.

Fire investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze but say the mother believe it was a space heater she had left on in the living room.