Neighbors Upset Historic Carver High School On Closure List

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(Memphis) Memphis City Schools proposes closing 11 more schools, including some historic high schools.

That isn't sitting well with some of you.

Critics say merging low attendance schools may save money but it will create all kinds of problems, including adding fuel to the city's gang problem.

Carver is one of three high schools on the latest proposed closure list from Memphis City Schools.

This is the first time any high schools are on the list.

"I'm here. It's very peaceful community. It's very quiet at times but I think Carver High School has a great significance here," said neighbor, Omar Mimrah.

Bloomfield Baptist Church, sits in the shadow of Carver. The church's minister spent his Fridays this fall cooking for the football team before every home game.

Rev. Ralph White said, "We're determined to fight this and come up with a plan."

Also closing, Riverview Elementary, located in the same neighborhood just a few streets away.

The children from Riverview and Carver would be bused to other schools.

Some are afraid this could lead to fights and increased gang violence.

White said, "You can go the northern part of Riverside you may have one gang element and you can go just across the railroad tracks on Kansas and you've got a whole different scenario."

White says his church and neighbors plan to suggest alternatives to closing one of the neighborhoods most important landmarks, Carver High.

Pastor White plans a community meeting in a few weeks to discuss a plan to present to the school board that would save their schools.

News Channel 3 will let you know the details when the date is set.

The other high schools scheduled for closure are Northside and Westside High.

Corry and Lanier Middle Schools are also on the list.

Alcy, E.A. Harrold, Graves, Riverview, Shannon and Westhaven are the elementary schools affected.

Most of these schools are in the southwest and northwest parts of Memphis.