Questions Surface in 6th Deadly Officer Involved Shooting This Year

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(Memphis) City Leaders are answering questions about Tuesday night’s deadly officer involved shooting in North Memphis.

Officers checked over every inch of a pink Chevy Impala riddled with bullet holes.

The person who pulled the trigger was one of their own.

Police say the man inside tried to run over two officers near Jackson and Watkins.

"It does'`t matter if you wear an MPD uniform or not. If you are defending yourself and kill someone in that reaction, you are justified under the law,” said Shelby County District Attorney, Amy Weirich.

Witnesses who watched the chaos unravel say, the officers weren't justified, because the man didn't try to run them over.

“Those are questions we will look into, we are gathering all the evidence and facts,” said Weirich.

It`s the 6th deadly shooting involving Memphis police this year, leading Many Memphians to claim police are trigger happy.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton doesn’t agree.

“They have to go into every situation with an unusual highlighted sense of awareness,” said Wharton.

Memphis Police Director, Toney Armstrong, says over the past two years, 11 officers have been shot while on the job, some died.

Armstrong says, he is more concerned with those shootings.

That’s not the answer Jerry Johnson want to hear.

Johnson wants to know what police can do differently, “There should be other means of subduing an individual whether it's a Taser, or a baton."

Police point out those options aren't always viable and they do not want to put the lives of officers in the line.