Teenage Girl Shot After Gunfire at Church and Street Corner

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(MEMPHIS)   Andre Boyd can see it all from his front door, teenagers being teenagers, laughing and joking around in the setting sun and an occaisional drive by shooting ,  he sees that too.

“It is what it is, Bruh” said Boyd.

In this case it was a 16-year-old girl, in a crowd of kids when a black PT Cruiser drove by and someone inside opened fire.  Paramedics rushed her to the hospital as people in this neighborhood shake their heads and say here we go again.

“It's a touching situation anytime any kid gets hurt”, said Wilma Blair.

It's pretty bold, hitting up Blair's cul-de-sac, across from an elementary school, but that's nothing. Police say ten minutes earlier, the same black PT cruiser may have opened fire on a student at the youth athletic program at Olivet Fellowship Baptist Church

“We're just blessed no one got hurt”, said Pastor Eugene Gibson.

Gibson said the gunman wanted one kid and followed him to the church, then away from it, right back to the corner where those teenage girls stood.

“He is one of our students being chased they tried to get him, didn't get him he's safe now”, said Gibson.

The teenage girl caught in the crossfire will likely be scarred from this just like so many people in this seemingly quiet neighborhood where kids play and bullets fly.