Natura Recalls More Pet Food

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(Memphis) Natura is expanding its March recall to include all dry dog, cat and ferret food and treats with expiration dates on or before March 24, 2014.

The company recalled the products because they could be tainted with salmonella.

Some of the brands included in the recall are California Natural, EVO and Innova.

The products were sold nationwide at vet clinics, online and at pet specialty retailers.

Pets with salmonella infections may be lethargic and have symptoms like diarrhea, fever and vomiting.

Pet owners are at risk too if they handle the food. Experts recommend thorough hand washing.

No canned wet food or biscuits are affected by the recall. Natura is offering a replacement, you simply need to fill out this form and submit it.

You can also call the company at (800) 224-6123 for more information.