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Muggings at Tom Lee Park Worry Residents and City Leaders

(Memphis) Tom Lee Park downtown is one of those parks Memphis really likes to brag about. It's right on the river with a great view of downtown.
Which is why muggings there all weekend have people saying enough is enough.

"It's a lot of cars and people running through there and it's definitely a different crowd on the weekends during this time of year," Dewayne Hanvey said.

That crowd is bringing crime to Tom Lee Park.

In the last three days police report there have been at least three different robberies.

Two at night and one in broad daylight on Sunday afternoon.

"I know there's an increase police force during those times, but I mean at sometimes maybe there could be a little bit more. Maybe we need to control that a little bit better, " Hanvey said.

Floyd Lofton was headed to dinner around 8:30 Friday night, when he saw a mob jumping a couple walking through the park.

"After the gang ran off, I went over there and they were both still on the ground and the guy was bleeding really bad out of his nose and mouth," he said.

Police say they stole the man's cell phone and wallet.

"This gives me a lot of cause for concern," Councilman Lee Harris said.

Councilmen Harris wasn't aware of violent situation at, what he calls, a Memphis gem.

"It really surprises and shocks me that its being degraded," he said.

He's confident police will curb the crime.

"I trust they'll be able to handle it. Tony Armstrong done a great job managing the Grizzlies games and the traffic and managing the cruising that use to be going on and other obnoxious behavior," he said.

Police tell us they are upping patrols, adding bikes and patrol units at Tom Lee Park so people can once again feel safe jogging and enjoying the Mississippi.

"This is really one of the treasured assets of the city and we need to protect it," he said.

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