Man Charged After Beating Girlfriend With High-Heel Shoe

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(Memphis) People along Rocky Ridge never thought a high heel shoe would be used as a weapon in a violent attack Sunday night.

“That’s not good at all, but I know my granddaughter heard it,” said one neighbor who wished to remain anonymous.

She's shocked by what her neighbor 21-year-old Monterio White is accused of doing.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says White attacked his girlfriend after what she posted on another guy's Facebook page.

When the victim was leaving the house, investigators say White followed her out and pushed her to the ground.

That’s when he allegedly began beating the victim with one of her own shoes, but the problem of it all, the heels were made of metal.

However, it didn't stop there. Investigators say White punched his girlfriend in the face and even choked her.

“He knew better than that,” the neighbor said. “You don't do no stuff like that. I guess it’s the way you're raised.”

The victim was able to get away. She locked herself in her car and called the sheriff's office.

White's grandmother told News Channel 3 that his girlfriend posted on another guys Facebook to provoke the fight with her grandson, but wouldn't tell us what it was.

No matter who started it, neighbors say an argument is all it should have been.

White's family says he's not a violent person.

He’s been arrested before on traffic violations like not properly securing a child, but nothing violent. He’s now facing aggravated assault charges.