Customers Worried About Cars After Saying They Received Bad Gas

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(Memphis) More than half a dozen drivers say they now have to get their cars fixed, after pumping bad gas from a north Memphis gas station. Saturday, out-of-order bags blocked folks from pumping gas at this station on Danny Thomas and Chelsea.

It’s something Shamila Banks wishes was on the pump when she put 10 dollars worth of gas in her car hours ago.

“My car cut off in the street as an officer pulled over a man during high-speed chase,” said Banks.

She wasn’t alone. She says there were about 8 others whose cars just stopped from what they believe is water in the fuel. Most of the cars were towed out of the lot. Anthony Patterson says right after he went inside the store and paid cash for his fuel, that’s when the clerk started putting bags on the pumps.

“I tried to pull off and I’m still stuck,” said Patterson.

Store Clerk Abdi Ali says they have never had a problem with bad gas and showed us the receipt that it was dropped off to the store earlier this week. But he says, that gas didn’t start causing problems until late Friday.

“After we heard 2 or 3 complaints we stopped selling,” said Ali.

Shamila and Anthony say they can’t get their money back, they were only offered gas treatments to add into their tank.

“The gas treatments did nothing for the vehicle at all. It won’t crank,” said Patterson.

Shamila called her dad, who is a mechanic, to get help fixing her car.

“He said the water is at the bottom of your tank, he said I got to take your tank out,” said Banks.

Now the customers are wondering if the gas station that didn’t pay them back for the gas, Will pay them for getting their cars towed and repaired.

“I'm a clerk, I don’t make that decision,” said Ali.

The unanswered questions leave Shamila and Anthony just ticked off.