Restaurant Rage: Woman Trashes Store When She Can’t Return Burger

(Memphis) A Memphis woman is accused of destroying two cash registers at a popular Memphis restaurant when the employees refused to take back a three-day old hamburger.

Police say 41-year-old Chondra London did several thousand dollars worth of damage to the Tops Barb.B.Q on Jackson.

The store's surveillance cameras captured it all.

Store Manager Frankie Lemay says London bought three double cheeseburgers and a couple of fries, and three days later tried to return one of the burgers.

Lemay says she became enraged when she wouldn't take it back and pushed two cash registers and a credit card machine right over the counter.

One of the cash registers hit Lemay on the legs, "I had big bruises this way and this way."

Lemay wasn't able to catch London, but did help police pick her out of a photo lineup.

She can't believe one person could get so upset over a $5 burger, "People are crazy, people are crazy."

London has been charged with vandalism.

Tops Barb.B.Q estimates damage at around $14,000.

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