Mother of Missing Teacher Fears Worst

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(Germantown) The mother of missing teacher Heather Palumbo-Jones, says she knows she may never see her daughter again.

The Frayser Elementary teacher has been missing since last Monday night.

Pansy Swinson says her daughter was enjoying her independence, looking forward to a summer of fun in the sun, and there is no chance she would just walk away from her children.

Swinson has stage four cancer and is not only dealing with the possibility of death in her own life, but her daughter’s, “She shared all her hopes, dreams and aspirations with me.”

She says the last time she talked to her daughter was Monday at 4:30 p.m., the same time she talks to her daughter every day, “And she said to me that she was going to go home and she was going to do an awesome lesson plan for her little babies at Frayser Elementary.”

Instead, Heather never showed up to class the next morning.

Police, and her family, have been searching for her since.

Heather's husband, Chris Jones, says Heather wrote him an email the night she disappeared basically saying goodbye to him and the children, but Swinson says her daughter would never leave her kids, “And she would never miss calling me. If she did walk out the door she would have to call me and tell me about it because she couldn't help telling me about everything she did.”

For the last four day there has been silence.

Swinson knows many more days like these may follow.

Mother and daughter had big plans this Summer, “I'm hoping that Heather will come back and we'll go to Florida and Europe.”

But battling thyroid cancer and now the disappearance of her daughter, she knows those dreams, those plans, may never come, “Life is impermanent. Live each moment like it might be your last.”

We talked to Heather's husband as well Friday. 

He admitted fighting with his wife the night she disappeared, but he says he would never do anything to harm her.

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