Missing Teacher’s Friend Meets With Police

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(GERMANTOWN,TN)   Ed Raulerson met with police Friday. Missing Germantown mother and Frayser Elementary Teacher Heather Palumbo-Jones is one of his closest friends and he fears the worst.

“If she was on the run like he's trying to say she is, she has a few people she could trust” he said, adding that he hasn’t talked to them.

He's concerned about her husband, Chris.  Chris and heather were going through a bitter divorce.  Raulerson said one day Chris showed up at Heather’s wooded home unannounced.

“She was standing next to the alarm with a call button to the police with a knife in her hand”, he said.

Jones, who reportedly hadn’t been seen recently, was in fact in town. He appeared in court Friday for a hearing scheduled on their divorce.

“There is no way I ever put hands on her. I never once put my hands on her. I wanted nothing but reconciliation that's all I wanted”, said Jones.

Jones showed us a Facebook message from Heather, it was sent after she disappeared. It said she couldn't face anyone, and asked Chris to raise their daughter to remember her.  But that's not the only mystery message this week.

“The last message I received from her via Facebook, claimed ‘he knows everything’ but there's nothing know”, said Raulerson.

The message said they were an item, so he knew someone else wrote it, saying they were friends since the 7th grade, but nothing more. He doesn’t believe she wrote the letter.

He's praying for a miracle.