Twenty-Four IRS Workers Accused of Stealing Government Benefits

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(Memphis)  Two dozen IRS employees in Memphis are charged with betraying their employer and stealing a quarter million dollars from you.

Some are accused of stealing food stamps, unemployment and housing vouchers.

After a two-year investigation, District Attorney General Amy Weirich says it's unbelievable how many people were involved.

“The allegations are that they were IRS employees who were stealing from the system.  Stealing from the department of labor and claiming housing benefits they weren't entitled to under the law,” said Weirich.

Thirteen of the workers are being charged federally and face five years, the other eleven are being charged on a state level and face up to twelve years.

The workers are being charged on different levels because of the different types of theft they are accused of committing.

Weirich said her office is working closely with the US attorney`s office to prosecute the workers.

Since the investigation started two years ago Weirich hopes there are more checkpoints in place to keep workers from stealing, and if you chose to keep doing it she says you will pay.

“If  you are stealing from the federal government if you are stealing from the state government if you're stealing from your employer or your neighbor stop.  Because we are watching,” said Weirich.