Man Bites Off Chunk Of Victim’s Face

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(Memphis)  A south Memphis man is still trying to figure out why a neighbor took a bite out of his face.

It happened at the Hillview Village Apartment is South Memphis.

Terell Young says he and his girlfriend and their 10-year-old son were walking up their apartment stairs with groceries when he was attacked by 25-year-old Antonio Young.

Jackson says when he asked Young to get out of their way Young lunged at him and latched on to his face, "I never thought another man would actually bite another man like that. That a human being would actually bite another human being."

Jackson's girlfriend says she couldn't jump in and help Jackson because she was too busy trying to stop Young's girlfriend who was trying to stab Jackson in the back.

" I was terrified. I was really terrified. I had never seen anything like that in my life. He was like a cannibal," said April Brooks.

Antonio Young and Neikeisha Conners are both charged with two counts of aggravated assault.