Horn Lake Teen Takes BB Gun to School Bus Stop

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(Horn Lake, MS) A Horn lake teen pulled out a BB gun at a bus stop threatening the safety of young children.

The quick response of children reporting the incident to their parents may have prevented that teen from taking the gun on the bus.

When a child saw it, they called their parents who called police.

Debbie Nichol and her husband were outside and heard the gun being shot, “We both heard a noise and I didn`t recognize what it was so I asked him and he said it sounds like a cap gun.”

Sgt. Daniel Scott says the gun never made it on the bus, “He did admit he had a bb gun and was showing it to everyone. We were able to determine that bb gun was taken back to the residence before he entered the schools.”

A duplex property manager says he had to shut down the community’s playground because teens were taking a BB gun there over the weekend where toddlers play, and the complex is working to determine if it is the same teen. .

The manager says the boy’s parents won’t do anything about it and just claim he is a bad boy.  So now the land lord is not renewing their lease because of safety concerns.

Nichol is a gun owner and says the boy’s parents need to step in, “Children should not play with guns. Guns of any shape form or fashion to protect the children they should be locked up.”

A spokesperson for Desoto School said the student will have a disciplinary hearing and the outcome will be confidential.

In similar cases, punishments range from a three-day suspension to expulsion for one school year.