Suspect Identified in Honor Box Theft

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(DeSoto County, MS) Gregory Logan likes coming down to Arkabutla Lake, not just for the fishing, but for the peace and quiet, ”Sometimes you do good, sometimes most of the time it’s kinda slow, but since the water’s been up, the catfish been biting pretty good."

He’s not the only one getting bites.

An apparent thief, targeting the Honor Boxes where fishermen pay for boat launching privileges, seems to have done well here too.

How did the alleged crook do it?

Law officers posted video, but then suddenly pulled it, after getting tips that led to a suspect. We eventually uncovered the video ourselves.

The video showed the man walking up to the honor box, with a wire that has what looks like chewing gum on it.

He sticks the wire down the hole and fishes for cash.

”It really shocked us that this was going on. Money was coming up short, so we set up video cameras to find out what was happening and that’s when we got the video of the individual,” said Cavanaugh Brezeale, spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District.

Here’s the clincher, the man, who detectives believe they’ve identified, but who they won't identify to us, could face charges for a federal crime since Arkabutla Lake is U.S. Government property.

”Our goal is to stop this theft so we will work again with the authorities local and federal to find out how to eliminate the problem” said Brezeale.

Because the money collected here, goes to maintain the boat ramp for the benefit of all, ”It lets you know how people are these days, they just don’t care,” Logan explains.

The man in the pictures will surely care if he ends up in a federal prison.