Expect Delays at Poplar and Ridgeway for Construction

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(Memphis) Memphis Light Gas Water is beginning construction Wednesday at a busy intersection. Traffic will merge from three lanes down to one at Poplar and Ridgeway.

MLGW says it’s taking steps to minimize trouble for drivers, but those behind the wheel are concerned.

“It’s a busy intersection,” said Mark Vandivier who lives in the area. “I understand they're going to do some construction so it’s only going to get worse.”

Wednesday evening, MLGW crews will shut down two lanes heading east on Poplar Avenue just west of Ridgeway to complete a week-long construction project.

Fortunately, MLGW says crews will work at night to move a fire hydrant and lay new pipes for a business being built. It'll start at 7:00p and they will work until 6:00a.

Originally crews were schedule to work during the day.

That plan changed Tuesday.

“When you have a high-impact or high traffic area like that, it’s safer for our workers and safer for commuters because again you do have a lot of people in that area,” said Jackie Reed, Media Specialist for MLGW.

Drivers are worried the project will take longer than the projected five to seven days, but Reed says only rain will slow them down.

Vandivier says he'll consider an alternate route and offers a word of encouragement to other drivers.

“Keep calm and keep the road rage to a minimum,” he said.

During the day, MLGW says the construction zone will be moved and all lanes will be open to help cut down on congestion. Westbound lanes on Poplar should not be affected.