Could Senior Citizen Project Cause Gridlock in Southaven?

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(Southaven, MS) One week ago, Financial gurus presented financing options to the Southaven Board of Aldermen for the proposed Senior Citizens Center.

It’s been bogged down for weeks, in arguments over it’s cost.

A majority of aldermen, say it’s too expensive and would put the city in too much debt.

Others and the Mayor, say it needs to happen now.

Alderman Ronnie Hale says he wasn’t impressed with the alternatives, ”If we’ve got some ways we can save money, then I’m more than willing to look at that. But if it’s means issuing that much debt then no, I’m not in favor of it.”

But some say the project runs the risk of stalling important city projects while the debate over the Senior Center drags on.

One Alderman even vowed to keep it on every agenda until it passes.

Mayor Greg Davis says the project doesn’t have to cause gridlock, as long as Aldermen keep their long-held promise to seniors, ”We have some immediate needs and in my opinion the senior citizens building is an immediate need, along with some of the other road improvements that hopefully will get approved but as far as gridlock, that’s up to the board."

He points out Southaven passed its “penny for parks” tax just for the seniors and other improvements, and it’s time to spend the money.

Aldermen on the other side, already stung by citizen complaints about spending say they intend to approve the building, but not until it’s more affordable.

Everyone hopes other city projects don’t suffer until then.