Boston Bombing Has Memphis Reviewing Plans

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(Memphis) Memphis has plenty of outdoor events that draw thousands.

Those big crowds can potentially bring big problems.

"We really don't like outside events.It's much easier for us to control everything in relation to events that are inside," said Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong.

He  may not particularly like what 'could' happen, but he says officers are ready.

Police train to handle what might  come up.

On the heels of the Boston Marathon explosion, police are  looking closely at security for upcoming events.

"We'll go back, look at our plans and if there are areas where we feel we need to tighten up, we will certainly do that," says Armstrong. "Historically if you look at what we have done with Memphis in May, what we have done with the barbecue fest, Africa in April, we have been extremely successful. We have no reason to believe we won't this year."

Hospitals like Baptist are also ready for a tragedy that  might bring in a large number of patients.

"We have to prepare and consider the number of patients coming in. Do we have the space available to take care of the number  of those patients needing immediate care in the emergency department or do we need to take over other areas of the hospital to be able to take care of those patients?" says Mark Ottens, Director of Emergency Services at Baptist Hospital.

Everyone from first responders to emergency room  staff go through mock drills to make sure they know how to help those in need and maintain safety.

"If we can get some really rapid treatment, get patients delivered to the hospital so we can get them to an emergency suite or get them in front of a trained physician, we know the survival rate goes up significantly if we can respond quickly," said Ottens.

Police say they pulled out a massive detail for the recent Klan Rally, but their response on other events is on a case-by-case basis.

After what happened in Boston,they will be taking an even closer look.