‘Suspicious Package’ Found at U of M Was Laptop

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(Memphis) A laptop inside a box.

Doesn't sound too threatening does it?

But that's exactly what interrupted classes and evacuated students at one building at the University of Memphis Monday.

For two hours, students and teachers surrounded the building wondering when they could come back in.

Campus Police called it "a suspicious package."

It was a box about two feet long wrapped in blue painter's tape.

"This is actually being blown way out of proportion and this is probably going to be the funniest thing that has happened today," said Math Student Kyle Perriguey.

After the bomb squad came in and x-rayed the box, the building was deemed safe.

"It had a laptop computer and some newspapers in it," said Campus Police Director Bruce Harver. He saw a silver lining in the ordeal, "It shows that the emergency notification system works."

More than 25,000 people got emails and texts about the possible danger.

"My mom signs up for it too and she texted me and she's like 'text me when you are in a safe place!' I'm  like 'it's fine mom. It's OK'," said Japanese student Jonathan Jones-Edwards.

Every computer on at the University of Memphis also got the alert.

"We were doing partner work and all of a sudden we look at the screen and it pops up its like 'suspicious package' and I'm like 'what is going on?'," said Jones-Edwards.

Unfortunately, one student didn't get the memo.  Dillin Dwarva was in the bathroom when it all went down, "I came out and some dude was locking the door and told me to evacuate the building and I was like can 'I just get my stuff? It's in the classroom!"

Dwarva was stuck without his keys and phone for two hours.

The laptop turned out to belong to a student who boxed it up to ship it back to the manufacturer because it had a broken screen.

He tells campus police he misplaced it sometime last week.