Attorney Richard Fields Killed In Pedestrian Accident

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(Memphis) A well-known Memphis civil rights attorney is killed crossing a midtown street. The family of Richard Fields confirms he died after he was hit by a car. The accident happened shortly before noon as Fields tried to cross Peabody Avenue. There was no cross walk or traffic signal where he crossed.

Bruce Cavender, witness, said, “It looked like he didn’t pay attention to what was coming. And, a late-model Camry just came up and smashed into him .”

Cavender added, “He was airborne for a good 3 or 4 seconds and hit a wire up here and just came to a tumbling stop.”

The driver told police he was traveling in the inside lane when Fields just came off the sidewalk and walked in front of the car.

Fields was a native of California and came to Memphis in the 60’s to train teachers to work in inner city schools. He represented the NAACP in the high-profile local school desegregation case. Fields had been a longtime friend of former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton but in 2007 had a very public falling out. Fields was 65-years-old.