Mother Charged With Stalking U of M Student

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(Memphis) A mother’s bizarre plot to get back at her daughter’s ex-boyfriend could land her in federal prison.

The Springfield, Missouri Business Journal named Nadia Cavner as one of 12 people you need to know, but her daughter’s ex-boyfriend likely doesn’t agree.

Friday, she pleaded guilty to interstate stalking for months of harassing him and his new girlfriend.

“I think whenever you talk about these things you have to consider children and the suffering children go through and how parents feel about it,” said Steve Farese, defendant’s lawyer.

Federal authorities say the mother took it too far when a Memphis man, referred to as P.M. in court documents, broker her daughter’s heart.

Investigators have recordings of Cavner asking someone to hurt but not kill him.

They say she even got some of her employees to help her harass and intimidate the young man and his new girlfriend.

One worker even temporarily moved to Memphis to spy on them.

Her lawyer said Cavner is remorseful but described her arrest as a witch-hunt.

Farese said, “How many federal stalking cases have ya'll ever covered? I think the answer is zero, so that should tell you something.”

Cavner who posed in a picture with her daughter, Mara, and the Dali Lama is well-known in financial circles and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and to support President Obama in his campaign for the White House.

However, the woman well-respected by some was according to prosecutors a nightmare for her daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

Nadia Cavner will be sentenced in August.