Two Hurt In Westwood House Fire

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(Memphis) An unattended candle may to be blame for a fire that left a boy in critical condition after he escaped a fire sweeping through his home.

Thick billowing smoke hovered above the house on Cavalier Friday morning.

Concerned neighbors told News Channel 3 the family living in the house needed to bust threw a window to escape.

A seven year old little boy was rushed to the hospital, he is being treated for second degree burns to his hands.

Off camera, a neighbor said the boy was also cut from the glass when his mother tossed him out the window.

The boy`s mother was also taken to the hospital from smoke inhalation.

A teenager inside managed to escape without getting hurt.

“Somebody called me and told me the house was on fire,” said Martin Hill.

Hill grew up in the home and now rents it out.

He rushed to the home when he heard it was going up in smoke.

He's just relieved nobody was too seriously injured, “We can always repair the house, even though it was mom`s house, life is something you can’t replace."

Firefighters believe a candle sparked the flames.

“The utilities were off and a candle was being burned in the house,” said Hill.

This surprised Hill, “I was just down here a few days ago doing some work on the house and everything seemed to be fine."

While firefighters sifted through the rubble, Hill is, “just praying the family is ok and we can get them back in the house soon.

The fire remains under investigation.