Police Director Armstrong Calls Man Killed By Officers ‘Out of Control’

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(Memphis) Police shot and killed Daniel Brock near Interstate 40 and Sycamore View Wednesday night.

Police Director Toney Armstrong said Brock's behavior with police after they pulled him over and earlier in a road rage incident with another man had officers on alert.

“He beat on the window, spitting, threatening their lives,” said Armstrong.

Brock’s criminal history shows numerous cases of issues with weapons, assault, and resisting arrest for years.

He reportedly shot at police in one case.

Police said when he charged officers Wednesday, Officer Manuel Saldana had no choice but to expect the worst.

“When an officer feels his life and a citizens life is threatened they use deadly force, its in the scope of their authority," said Armstrong.

Police have used that force at least four times this year alone.

Sometimes, officers do use non-lethal force.

Cameras caught a man in Santa Barbara armed with a knife threatening police and others.

Officers shot him with a bean bag gun and tazed him repeatedly.

The non-lethal force was their first choice since the man was armed with a knife.

Director Armstrong says his officers could do that too, but you don't always have time to know who you're dealing with.

“You're talking about a situation that developed quickly when you see a beanbag those are situations with a known (history of violent behavior).”

If you are stopped by police, they say you should stay in your vehicle, keep your hands on the steering wheel, and tell the officer what you are doing before moving.

Traffic stops are often the most dangerous time for an officer and they are trained to protect themselves first.

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