Mayor Talks with Presidents Obama about Summer Jobs for Teens

(Memphis) In a conference call Thursday with President Obama, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton listened along with mayors across the country as the President asked them to help get teen’s summer jobs.

Idle time during the summer for teens can promote bad behavior and even increase crime.

Mayor Wharton agrees with President Obama that mayors across the country should partner up with private businesses to promote job growth for those teens during the summer.

But he says Memphis isn`t stopping there.

The city is promoting constructive activity all together for teens.

“Some of it has to do with young people having a sense of opportunity and needing someone to give them that first window into the workplace,” said President Obama.

Mayor Wharton says the city is expanding summer programs that offer jobs and mentor teenagers.

“What we`re doing in Memphis and what we will be submitting to the president is for those employees who cannot bring in ten young folks to work for obvious liability reason that does not let them off the hook,” said Mayor Wharton.

Those companies are giving money for mentorships instead of actual jobs giving teens in the program a chance to meet and eat with some of the city's top local businesses.


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