DA Says Officer Involved Fatal Crash Still Under Review

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(Memphis) We are getting to the bottom of why after almost 8 months we still don’t know if there will be charges in the deadly crash that killed a mother and daughter.

It happened last summer when former Memphis Police Officer Alex Beard was speeding down Crump Avenue.

District Attorney Amy Weirich did not initially charge Beard but says the case is not over yet.

During an interview in February, Weirich said, “We're in the process of reviewing it and making decisions."

Fast forward two months and we get almost the same answer.

“It is still here and we are still in the process of reviewing it and finalizing and filling some holes in the investigation,” said Weirich.

A recent review of Beard’s personnel file shows he was driving 94mph down Crump Avenue without a siren or blue lights, Beard slowed to 64 mph at the time of the crash.

He was not on his way to an emergency call. MPD fired him but the DA still hasn’t decided if what he did was criminal.

We asked Weirich how long it would take, “Until we can get the job done that we need to get done, until we are comfortable with the amount of information we have that will enable us to reach a decision."

She added, “I know. I know and I know as with this case and some of the others the public wants a quick answer we just can't always provide that.”

Michael Ross, the driver Beard ran into that day, can’t understand why it’s taking Weirich so long, “If the table was turned and it was me in the situation, I'd be locked up right now."

Ross’ vision is impaired.

He’s been through numerous surgeries and lost his daughter and her mother in the crash. A family friend in the car with them was also injured but survived.

Ross said, “One minute I had a family the next minute I didn't. That man has destroyed my life he took everything I love away from me.”

Weirich says she understands his heartache, “Certainly our hearts go out to him but we still have a job to do and that job unfortunately can't be done quickly all the time."

The former officer says Ross pulled out in front of him and the accident was unavoidable.

This is part of the evidence the DA is likely considering.