Man Arrested For First Degree Murder In Orange Mound

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(Memphis) A suspected attempted murderer is behind bars on a half a million dollars bond, his victim is in the hospital.

Police say Darius Bell tried to kill a man after robbing him of everything he had on him, including his clothes.

As soon as I started asking Henry Bridgeforth about the shooting on his street, more gunfire erupted on the 800 block of Josephine.

Bridgeforth remembers hearing gunshots late Monday night, but ignored them and kept watching television, “It bothers me certainly, but it’s an everyday thing. There’s a lot of gun happy people around here."

Police don`t think this is a case of random gun play.

Police say Sherman Neely was sitting in a parked car when Darius Bell and another man forced him out of his car and made him strip.

The duo took about $100 Neely had on him, then forced him to the ground.

Neely told police that's when Bell shot him three times, in the hip, shoulders and leg, before taking off.

“I did see the guy lying down in the street and blood was on the ground,” said Bridgeforth.

Neely was rushed to The MED in critical condition.

Doctors say, now he is doing better.

Back on Josephine, Bridgeforth says he's staying inside to stay safe.

“I'm not really afraid. If God is with you, you don`t have to be afraid of anything,” said Bridgeforth.

He’s hoping a neighborhood he's called home for 15 years, will become safer.

Bell heads to court tomorrow.

Police have not arrested the other suspect.