How Baking Can Heal Broken Hearts

Here in the south, when someone gets sick or hurt, we serve up a feast!

It's like a parade of casserole dishes!

But after her son's best friend was hit by a drunk driver, Katy Houston took that one step further.

She baked for the boy for 62 weeks in a row.

Those "sweet treats" became part of an impressive road to recovery.

A story that's told in the pages of "Sweetness Follows",  is really much more than just a cookbook.



  • Southern Sunday
  • Champagne Brunch
  • Featuring Katy Houston
  • April 14, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
  • Holly Springs, MS
  • Tickets $13
  • Reservations: 662-252-2365


  • 75th Holly Springs Pilgrimage
  • April 12 – 14
  • Holly Springs, MS
  • (662) 252-2365



Sweetness Follows


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