Who Responds To 911 Calls In Shelby County Could Be Changing

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(Shelby County, TN) For the last 14 years, Rural Metro Ambulance has been responding to 911 calls in Shelby County.

In a letter Monday, they got word they may be on the way out.

It appears to be down to just a matter of months for Rural Metro's partnership with Shelby County.

Tuesday, workers learned another ambulance service may soon take over.

"I officially got notified by letter yesterday that they had chosen a different provider," says Glenn Miller Division General Manager of  Rural Metro.

The writing appears to be in black and white.

A half page ad appeared in Tuesday's newspaper by ambulance provider AMR, touting Shelby County's best is about to get better and urging EMTs, paramedics and dispatchers to apply.

AMR officials tell us it's a way to introduce the company to the community.

AMR officials confirm the Shelby County Office of Procurement notified them last week they would be recommended to take over the ambulance service, though it still must be approved by the County Commission.

Rural Metro says the County is moving to a less costly system with more ambulances on stand-by during high volume call-time instead of at all times of the day.

"We've had conversations. It's not a performance issue. It's all a financial issue. The other company just came in with a lower price than we did," says Miller.

AMR won't say how much it bid,  but promises newer equipment, additional workers, 17 ambulances and an as-good or better response time.

Rural Metro will still provide hospital and nursing home service in the county and  is making plans to protect its 92 county  employees' jobs, by moving them to the company's city operations.