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DeSoto Schools Get 1.2 Million Dollar Refund

(Hernando, MS) DeSoto County Schools will get nearly 1.25 million dollars from Entergy, but it’s not a donation.

It’s due to over billing for electricity at Hernando High School.

”It was kinda hard to believe,” said Stacey Graves of the DeSoto County School District.

School officials learned about it when the power company discovered the problem.

It all started years ago, when the school added on it’s new auditorium.

”The transformer and the mater were replaced when the school did a major expansion, so everybody was expecting the bills to go up and sure enough it went up,” explained Wayne Spell of Entergy.

Nobody suspected a thing.

The bill went up, but more than it should have.

How? Entergy’s calculations on the schools power consumption were a little off, so every month for ten years, the bills were a little higher than they should have been.

School leaders got the bills and paid them.

”All of our utilities are paid at the district level” said Graves.

But as the school prepared for another expansion, Entergy went back and checked all it’s equipment and billing.

That’s how it found the problem.

”It was the right thing to do, no question. From the beginning we discovered it, we made the school system aware of it, then we made the Public Service Commission aware of it,” said Spell.

PSC Commissioner Brandon Presley also demanded Entergy pay more than $230,000 in interest also.

What happens to the 1.2 million bucks? It goes back into the school system general fund, not to Hernando High.

”But they don’t get any extra benefit, extra benefit?” “Um, I’m not gonna say that. The Superintendent will make that decision. We are in the middle of a budgeting process.”

School leaders say Hernando will get some benefit, it will share equally with the district’s other 42 schools.

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