Tape Shows Women Stealing Money From Senior Citizen

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(MEMPHIS)  Wednesday night Rhonda Hestor told us how three women stole her money while shopping at the grocery store.

“They asked me which olives I thought would be good in a veggie salad”, said Hestor.

It was all caught on tape and now police now tell News Channel three the same women are being investigated for being behind the exact same thing at a number of stores.  From Midtown to Bartlett they’re taking money and buying gift cards with the stolen loot.

Whether its fancy tricks to hide your money and general awareness, Police from Memphis to Bartlett say be smart while they search for the women. Rhonda Hestor is spreading the word.

“I saw three other women walking with their purses in their baskets. I went up to them and said can I tell you what happened to me? I'm on a mission now.