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Former Officer Says He Did Not Harass Driver

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(Memphis)  A former Memphis police offer pleaded ‘not guilty’ to charges of harassment. Darrell Malone was arraigned in court Friday.

He’s accused of threatening a man while off-duty in a road rage incident back in October and then using information from the 911 call center to call the victim and harass him some more.

We caught-up with Malone before he faced a judge.

He says he’s a good person who even received a full scholarship to college because of his leadership skills.

Now he's been taken off the police department and is facing jail time.

“Everything is going OK,” said Malone.  “Just got to keep your head up, stay focused and be strong.”

We asked Malone about the charge he faces.

“I can`t really talk about the case right now.”

“You harass that man?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No mam. I did not,” said Malone.

“So that was a lie?” asked Hall.

“Yes mam,” said Malone.

He’s accused of threatening Michael Montgomery.

“It’s a complete abuse of power,” said Montgomery back in October.  “He stepped across a line that shouldn`t be stepped across.”

In October, Montgomery says Malone, while off-duty, flashed a gun at him in a road rage incident on Germantown Parkway and when Montgomery called 911, the says the situation got worse.

“I got a call from a blocked cell phone number and it was the off-duty police officer again who got my information from dispatch and was making more threats to me,” said Montgomery.

When News Channel 3 broke the story, more people came forward about their run-ins with Officer Malone.

“He got very verbal. Pulled his stick out. Threatened to hit me in the face,” said Leo Veasley in October.

Veasley and Bakeisha Barnes filed complaints with the police department's Internal Affairs Bureau.

“The following day the officer was driving past my house,” said Veasley.

“I said ‘I am pregnant you don`t have to pull me like that’,” said Barnes.

Barnes said Malone should not be a police officer, “He just tried to rough me up. He grabbed me so aggressively.”

Yet a month later, Malone was back on the job on November 27.

“He has been found to not have committed a crime so therefore he can go back to work and earn that money,” said Mike Williams of the Memphis Police Association back in December.

News Channel 3 kept asking questions.

Then, four months after Montgomery's initial complaint a prosecutor decided to charge Malone with harassment. Two weeks later police fired him.

In court Friday, Malone plead "not guilty".

“Did you use 911 to harass him more?” asked Hall.

“ I can`t talk about now. I have to go back in the courtroom.”

If convicted of harassment, Malone could face up to a year in jail and fines up to $2,500.

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