Two Tennessee Prison Escapees Captured In Tipton County

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(Tipton County, TN) A taste of freedom was bittersweet and short-lived for two inmates who escaped Monday from a west Tennessee prison near Henning.

The pair eluded corrections officers and deputies through two counties before being captured this Wednesday morning north of Covington.

Erica Shrump watched the capture unfold near her home, "The tree line, right where the tree line is, goes along the Hatchie River. And they were right down in the tree line, where the tree line meets the water."

Both escaped Monday from the West Tennessee State Penitentiary Annex, touching off a two county, multi-agency search.

Ashton Silar was serving eight years on drug convictions in Madison County and Dustin Wayman was behind bars on a two-year sentence for auto burglary in Knox County.

Wednesday morning around 3:30, the two were spotted walking across the Hatchie River bridge at the Tipton-Lauderdale County line.

Erica Shrump says law men swarmed the area, "The state trooper helicopter landed right over there. And they had the dogs out there and they were looking."

She says just after daylight officers hit the jackpot, "They had both of them.  They didn't have shirts on, their pants were covered in mud and they had to be cold  cause it was freezin' this mornin'."

The two were considered "minimum" security inmates.

Siler would have been eligible for parole in 2014 and Wayman was scheduled to be release in January.

So why they decided to escape is a mystery to Erica Shrump, "Nobody could really understand why they would try, you know, why they would do something like this, you know."

The pair was taken back to prison and are now in a "maximum" security area.

Tipton County Sheriff "Pancho" Chumley says he's glad the two are out of his county for good, "Whether they were "minimum" or not, they were prisoners. They escaped and we're glad they're going back. And hopefully they'll get their time doubled, it would tickle me."

The two reportedly didn't commit any crimes while on the run.

They face up to five additional years behind bars.