Sen. Bob Corker Says Compromise In D.C. On The Rise

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(Memphis) Many of you think there are some pretty big problems in Washington, DC with not much being done about them, but US Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker disagrees.

“The atmosphere is changing a little bit and I am more hopeful about us solving this problem than I have been in a long, long time,” said Corker.

That problem is the Sequester.

It started march first when congress and the white house couldn't reach a deal on budget cuts and tax increases.

So far, most people haven't noticed an impact, and Senator Bob Corker hopes we never do, “What I hope were going to do is solve the big problems over the next several months when it comes to entitlement and tax reform. And the sequester is probably turned off and we move on to a very different place."

He says the compromising started when the senate passed a budget for the first time in four years recently.

They also voted to fund the government at a lower rate.

“The environment is right for something good to happen between now and August first,” said Corker.

Senator Corker also points to signs of progress between the GOP and President Barack Obama, “The president and I have met a couple of times with other republican senators and what I hope we can do is put the big picture in place and solve the problems then things like the sequester will no longer be necessary."